RenamerFairy is a tool designed for renaming large numbers of files.
It can be installed as a Windows shell-extension (so it appears on the right-click menu for files) or as a normal application.

RenamerFairy is FREE software.

Olli Holliday

DOWNLOAD Version 4.0  -  (released December 2002, not compatible with Vista / Win7)

NEW VERSION currently in beta but fully operational.   -  (released June 2009, Vista / Win7 compatible)

RenamerFairy v4.0 is compatible with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.

It can be installed as a shell-extension (appears on menu when you right-click multiple files) or as a normal application.

Note: Thanks to Mr. Tooth of London There is one remaining bug that occurs if you use a sequence greater than 3 digits. After applying the changes the application will insert commas into the number to group the digits. You must remove the commas or it will cause an error interpreting the number.

This bug will not be fixed since the new version has been rebuilt from the ground up and will be released shortly.

Changes in Version 4.0
  • More bug-fixes.
  • Added "Application Version" as an alternative to the shell-extension.
  • A few minor aesthetic changes.
  • Better installer.
Changes in Version 3.0
  • Added "Undo" - ability to undo each step of the renaming process before changes are applied to files.
  • When renaming a file fails (usually due to invalid characters in the file name) the window will remain open and allow you to change it
  • Added a few UI niceties to make it a bit more user friendly
  • RenamerFairy now remembers the values stored in each of the form elements between sessions.
  • Added option to make RenamerFairy always-on-top, could sometimes get hidden beneath other AOT windows and cause problems.
  • Added a configuration dialog to alter some settings:
    • Enable/Disable Always On Top
    • Enable/Disable Remember settings
  • Improved select all/deselect all
  • Added a nice (but very compact) setup program, no more dodgy .inf files (thanks to NSIS)
  • Added a proper Uninstall program (also courtesy of NSIS)

  • Renames both files and directories
  • User-friendly windows application
  • Multiple text-handling functions
    • Replace text in filenames
    • Number files
    • Add/Remove text from beginning, middle or end
    • Change case of filenames (UPPER, Title, lower)
    • Include/Exclude file extension in processing
    • Unlimited Undo steps.
    • Files can be individually excluded from steps of the renaming process

  • Files are not renamed until the main "OK" button is pressed and the window closes
  • Each step of the renaming process must be applied to the files by pressing the "Apply To File List" button
  • Pressing "Cancel" means that none of the files will be renamed and the window will be closed
  • Use the checkboxes to the left of the files in the file list to decide whether operations will affect those files
  • The "WorkSpace" tab can be used to calculate lengths of different parts of the filename. Select "WorkSpace" and then click a file in the list.
  • When numbering files, if the files are in the wrong order in the list simply drag-and-drop them to the correct position or click on the title above the list to sort the files alphabetically.

CURRENT - Version 4.0 (December 2002)
RenamerFairy 4.0 HTTP (Local)

Version 3.0 (August 2001)
RenamerFairy 3.0 HTTP (Local)
RenamerFairy 3.0 HTTP (

Version 2.3 (July 2001)
RenamerFairy 2.3 HTTP (Local)
RenamerFairy 2.3 HTTP (